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Tech Compliments for Kevin Martin

“He was very courteous and friendly.”
9-19-20 Paula Carter in Applegate

Tech Compliments for Jason Compau

“Technician was excellent and very knowledgable”
10-1-20 Paul Gauthier in Richmond

“Technician was Fantastic”
9-30-20 Kristina Buehrer in Caro

“Jason was very welcoming and good at his job and willing to do all he could for our best return.”
9-28-20 Carrie Critchley in Wales
“I couldn’t be more pleased with the installation.”
9-25-20 Daniel Peregord in Reese

“This is my second meeting with Jason. He did the initial install a year ago. He is very professional and also personable and friendly. Thank you again Jason.”
9-23-20 Tracy Giannetti in Metamora

“I was pleased with Jason’s installation. Thank you-Andrea”
9-22-20 Andrea Czapiewski in Imlay City

“He took his time to make sure everything was in working order.”
9-21-20 Danielle Martinez in Applegate

Tech Compliments for Corey Gilliam

“Smooth, fast and professional installation.”
9-14-20 Christopher Bobbio in Carsonville

5 Star Google Review– Great customer service throughout the years.  They’ve never let me down.

9-14-20 Stephanie Smith,  Caro

“Hi Rachelle,
Just a quick note to thank you for your time in aiding my family to new internet service – GotW3. Today marks the end to our 14-day trial & we are completely satisfied with GotW3. FYI, at this point, we are getting nearly 25mb/s of download speed sometimes even greater. I know I mentioned in an earlier conversation the speeds was a bit slower & I’m not sure why they have been so much better the last week & half or so but it is wonderful. Thank you again!”

5-15-2020 Ron Clisby, Attica, MI


“The Installer did a great job. He was pleasant and a great worker.”

5-14-20 Ken Pavlak, Armada, MI


“The technician was very professional and probably the best installation professional I have ever had at my home.”

5-7-20 Robin Montague, Clio, MI


The technician was very professional and friendly.

5-7-20 Jennifer Myers, Almont, MI


“The installer was very professional.”

5-4-20 Fred Salem, Greenwood, MI