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Pat Hecht from Vassar, MI


Hi Stacy!  We had stopped to see you and thank you again for getting us set up with Majestic.  Had a couple of questions that Sarah helped us.  We are so pleased.  Everyone there has been so helpful.  Patience and customer service is awesome!


brian ferguson 5 star Google Review


Firstly, I am not a regular customer of Majestic. I have Dish service for my RV only, which had not been used in nearly 2 years. This past month I tried to use the Playmaker and Wally while camping in Pt Sanilac. Long frustrating story, but after several phone conversations with “Dish Techs”, it was suggested that I had an equipment issue and referred me to Majestic for service/repair. I did, and for a very modest fee my Dish equipment was examined. I learned that indeed there was no need for repair nor new equipment. The Wally required updates from the inactivity, something the “Dish Techs” had tried to do remotely, but for some reason were unable. I credit Majestic service for recognizing the issue, knowing who to talk to at Dish, and how to talk to them. From the very first phone call, I found all of the staff at Majestic to be genuinely interested and helpful in assisting me in this situation. After leaving my equipment with them, staff made timely follow up calls to advise me of the status, and they had the technological know how to get the job done quite expeditiously. It would have been much easier to sell me new equipment. As i said, I am not a regular customer. If I should need their service/product in the future, Majestic will be my first stop.


richardp 5 star Google Review


The Dish corporate people put me and my wife off three time over last 2 months to do a upgrade because our equipment was old , we where losing signal all the time, but we were still paying our bill….. the Dish corporate tech finally showed up 12/22/21 . I was gone when tech told my wife he couldn’t do upgrade because roof line was too high off the ground ( even though three or four other dish techs have been on the roof in previous years) he call his boss( somewhere in the world…and boss told him not to do upgrade….!!!!!!!!) I asked him what we should do ? Dish tech told me to find another company !!!! Really???? So I call Majestic sky link (Caro) They took care and resolved all of our problems!!!!! ALL FIXED!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU Majestic Sky Link and Jeremy T. Jason C. ….Jason you are a GREAT GUY to work with!!!!!! Good Company! GO with these GUYS ! Thanks ! DP.

Tech Compliments for Kevin Martin

“He was very courteous and friendly.”
9-19-20 Paula Carter in Applegate

Tech Compliments for Jason Compau

“Technician was excellent and very knowledgable”
10-1-20 Paul Gauthier in Richmond

“Technician was Fantastic”
9-30-20 Kristina Buehrer in Caro

“Jason was very welcoming and good at his job and willing to do all he could for our best return.”
9-28-20 Carrie Critchley in Wales
“I couldn’t be more pleased with the installation.”
9-25-20 Daniel Peregord in Reese

“This is my second meeting with Jason. He did the initial install a year ago. He is very professional and also personable and friendly. Thank you again Jason.”
9-23-20 Tracy Giannetti in Metamora

“I was pleased with Jason’s installation. Thank you-Andrea”
9-22-20 Andrea Czapiewski in Imlay City

“He took his time to make sure everything was in working order.”
9-21-20 Danielle Martinez in Applegate

Tech Compliments for Corey Gilliam

“Smooth, fast and professional installation.”
9-14-20 Christopher Bobbio in Carsonville

5 Star Google Review– Great customer service throughout the years.  They’ve never let me down.

9-14-20 Stephanie Smith,  Caro

“Hi Rachelle,
Just a quick note to thank you for your time in aiding my family to new internet service – GotW3. Today marks the end to our 14-day trial & we are completely satisfied with GotW3. FYI, at this point, we are getting nearly 25mb/s of download speed sometimes even greater. I know I mentioned in an earlier conversation the speeds was a bit slower & I’m not sure why they have been so much better the last week & half or so but it is wonderful. Thank you again!”

5-15-2020 Ron Clisby, Attica, MI


“The Installer did a great job. He was pleasant and a great worker.”

5-14-20 Ken Pavlak, Armada, MI


“The technician was very professional and probably the best installation professional I have ever had at my home.”

5-7-20 Robin Montague, Clio, MI


The technician was very professional and friendly.

5-7-20 Jennifer Myers, Almont, MI


“The installer was very professional.”

5-4-20 Fred Salem, Greenwood, MI